Friday, March 18, 2011

The Hall of Viking Manliness is now

Sorry men... The Hall of Viking Manliness is down, it's gone, closed, almost certainly forever. Our former leader decided to step away from his role of "Head Viking", and we are now Vikingless. We are grateful for the community he helped build over the last six years, but it is time now to move on. His articles from "The Hall" are gone, but the community still exists, and so does the database from the old Viking Forum. We've gathered core members from the Hall of Viking Manliness, and for now we are going to set aside the creation of web content, and focus on building and maintaining this manly community.

There are going to be a few things that are going to change. Many had complained about the tone of the site over the past year. The site is no longer a dictatorship, it's an Oligarchy, and we are going to make a serious effort to brighten the tone of the site. We want to see a community where men can talk about many shit like Guns, Liberty, Economics, History, Manly Movies, Tobacco, Beer etc. We want this to be the most independant, entertaining, intelligent, and optimistic place for men (and two awesome ladies) on the internet.