Thursday, August 13, 2009

Milton Friedman Videos

As many of you probably know who follow our work on Arthur's Hall, Milton Friedman is one of my heroes. I wish I could think like him... and I wish I could never lose an argument like him. So I thought I'd make a quick post with some of my favorite Milton videos for everyone to enjoy


Anonymous said...

Wow --- Milton is an asshole.

Democratic Socialism is not Capitalism and not Communism.

Only the self-centered believe acting on self-interest is "THE WAY".

Base scum is all he and his followers are.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annonymous,

You sound very angry and very emotional. And you are into name calling. How about giving us a non-emotional response where you explain how and why Mr. Friedman is wrong. He said: "The world runs on individuals pursuing their seperate interests." Do you disagree with that and why? And if that is true, why is that bad?

Annonymous Too